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Quality of our work depends mainly on quality of technologies.
This is also the reason why we use only the best ones.

  • Digital UV LED printing

    Digital UV LED printing

    UV LED printing technology is used for quick printing in high quality. UV LED lapms are used for curing and drying ink, which brings significantly higher stability of production. Ink curing means constant and reliable repeatability of orders with quaranteed colouring.

  • Digital UV printing

    Digital UV printing

    We use digital UV technology to print attractive materials with almost photorealistic quality. Those can be then manufactured into interesting shapes. It is a modern technology which enables us to print almost on anything – PVC sheets, plexiglass, wood, glass, ceramics, aluminium, polystyrene or thermacol, paper, corrugated cardboard and banners, fabrics, etc.

  • Solvent printing

    Solvent printing

    It is mainly suitable for exterior advertisements. It can be also used for interior advertisements, low-cost advertisements and the advertisement which does not need high definition. Solvent printing is UV resistant, water resistant and mechanical damage resistant.

  • Laminating


    Lamination gives printed materials added value – that is protection against scratching, staining, UV rays and wetness. ROLLSROLLER Flatbed applicators are used for coating flexible or firm materials up to 6 cm thick with adhesive film. Final products are for example banners, orientation systems, traffic signage or application on glass.

  • Vehicle tarpaulins

    Vehicle tarpaulins

    Trailer tarpaulin covers, boat tarpaulin covers, etc.

  • HF welding

    HF welding

    High frequency welding is mainly used for connecting PVC materials. We also use it when manufacturing biogas membranes or gas tanks. High frequency welding technology ranks among the most modern PVC welding of the highest quality.

  • Hot air welding

    Hot air welding

    Hot air welding technology is used for welding and repairing of vehicle tarpaulins.

  • Canvas print

    Canvas print

    We offer high-quality print of canvas, kapa boards, aluminium boards or photo wallpapers. You can order any size you like or you can choose from our wide offer of formats.
    See more on www.foto-naplatno.cz

  • Direct to board printing

    Direct to board printing

    Direct UV printing to various types of board materials includes following processing according to your requirements. It allows us to print directly on to almost any flat surface as thick as 5 cm. We are able to print with white paint and partial varnish.

  • Circulation printing

    Circulation printing

    business cards, leaflets, flyers, A3++ format puzzles

  • Colour printing

    Colour printing

    T-shirts, advertising objects, golf balls

  • Roll-up banners, bow flags and flags

    Roll-up banners, bow flags and flags

    Individual and compact advertising surfaces. We supply both printing and holders.

  • Tecosign fastening system & PVC banners

    Tecosign fastening system & PVC banners

    Overall processing and istalation of Tecosign system which is used for framing and stretching of large banner and fabric prints.

  • Gazebos, circus tents, stalls, etc.

    Gazebos, circus tents, stalls, etc.

    Tarpaulins are supplied including insallation. However, if required, customers can install them by themselves. Advantages: Possibility of printed tarpaulins. Wide selection of colours. We produce stalls with the following coating: PVC tarpaulin, polyethylene mesh fabric POE, PAD. We provide Non-flammability Certificate with circus tents. You can see our tents for example at circuses Jo-Joo, Kaiser, Novotný, Navrátil.

  • Large printing

    Large printing

    Printing on PVC banners, adhesive films, papers and various special materials.

  • Milling and cutting machine Zünd

    Milling and cutting machine Zünd

    We use Swiss table cutting systems Zünd for final cutting and milling. They rank among the best in the world in the category of precise and high-performance plotters. The technology can cut various shapes according to clipping path and mill dibond panels and aluminium sandwich panels.

  • 3D vehicle decals

    3D vehicle decals

    Simple or large 3D car decals. From design to realization.

  • Cutting – plotter graphics

    Cutting – plotter graphics

    Various materials are cut with a plotter MIMAKI CG FX. It is able to cut quickly and precisely even the most complicated contours. The high-speed plotter has automatic crop-mark detection, which makes it possible to cut vinyl but also to cut precise contours of pre-printed graphics on various vinyl materials and materials used for signmaking.

  • Sewing room – PVC

    Sewing room – PVC

    Six professional sewing machnies are used for sewing PVC.
    We use them when it is not possible to use welding of PVC.

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