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Our work has an exact specialization.
We produce high-quality advertising media and tarpaulin covers.

Give us some space.
We will figure out your advertisement. We will create it and produce it.

  • Attractive graphics is the basis. We will design it to fit your firm or product.
  • You can be sure about the quality of the material. We use first-rate German brands MEHLER and HEITEX
  • We have got production technologies down to a fine art. We will suggest the proper technology and use the one.
  • We own all the printing machines. Thus we are not limited by subcontractors.
  • And when everything is ready, we will as well fasten your new tarp on your truck.

Tirex provides
high-quality, fast and reliable services.

The company of Tirex was established in 1991. We began with producing and repairing of vehicle tarpaulins. In the course of time we extended our production with advertising. Vehicle tarps were stitched at that time. We realized it will not “save the world”. That is why we were not affraid of the start of modern age and we bought new technologies.

In 1997 it was the technology of hot gas welding and then high frequency welding. We did not skimp on printing either. In 2005 we bought our first digital printing machine. And we bought another one and another one. It soon proved to be a move in the right direction. With the new machines we opened the door to more customers and to wider advertising possibilities. Today we own 5 printing machines of the latest printing technologies in Europe.

We can produce up to 6 truck tarpaulins a day. We use only first-rate materials and moreover we offer complete service of vehicle tarpaulins and constructions. The production of both advertisements and vehicle tarps takes place in our business premises in Hodonín. There is our place of business too.

How to find us

Velkomoravská 4052/87a
695 01 Hodonín

Quick contact

+420 606 609 315

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